Well, the clearance of the site is getting there. It was a wood plantation in which to walk the dog, but the wood was due to be harvested and to achieve our dream of building a Passivhaus it has to be felled. Still, the thought of a beautiful orchard taking its place in years to come softens the blow a little.

The trees should all be felled, logged and removed by the end of next week, then there will just be the stumps to grind before the installation of the services can start! There’s hope yet!

On another note, maybe a muddy site is not the best place for a small, white dog!

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One thought on “Destruction!

  1. ecoginge

    The dream of buying your own plot and building your own house is one that many of us share, but few of us get the opportunity to act upon. However after over two years of work, planning, and countless meetings, when you finally get to the point of handing over a large cheque to your solicitor, you do wonder – “what the hell am I doing” !

    I think this process is like cold feet the night before the wedding. It is quite natural as you consider whether the commitment you are making, the risks you are taking, and the problems (sorry “challenges”) you will encounter are going to be worth it in the end.

    Everyone keeps saying – “in a year’s time you will have forgotten the pain and the hassle and you will have the lovely house you always wanted” – sounds a bit like pregnancy to me.

    Anyway, metaphorically speaking the wedding is over, the marriage certificate is signed, and the pregnancy test is positive. Time to get cracking on the real work……….

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