Plot 6 – finished (sort of)

We haven’t posted much recently as we have all been working flat out to get the houses finished.  We will try to post a bit more as we go forward.

Plot 6 is ‘finished’ and we ‘moved in’ at the end of November BUT the concepts of finished and moving in are interesting ones when you build your own home. People imagine that moving in is like Grand Designs where you waft from room to room, glass of wine in hand, as you excitedly show Kevin McLeod your rooms which have been artfully arranged by an interior designer. The reality is a bit different and involves utter chaos, floors that still need to be sealed, bedsheets and old wrapping paper used as makeshift curtains and sleeping on a mattress on the floor because you can’t get the bed up the stairs. In truth we are camping in our house and will finish and move into rooms over the next few weeks as time and exhaustion allow.image image image

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One thought on “Plot 6 – finished (sort of)

  1. delighted to have stumbled across your blog. we are 8 weeks into our self build just up the road at Stonehill and have keenly been watching your progress each time we pass on the way to visit our plot. its great to find out about how you got started and see your build in more detail.

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